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'This course is the perfect mix of practice and theory.  We were allowed plenty of time to practice CPR and the recovery position with guidance,  for myself this is the best way to ensure I remember as much as possible and would have the confidence to use the knowledge effectively if needed.  Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable course.'

Best regards,


Hi Brenda

Thanks again for our First Aid Course yesterday.

I just wanted to say what an enjoyable and informative course I found it. I don't have a favourite area because I enjoyed it all. Roll on three years time when I can do it again!



“This is the second time I have attended the first aid course and previous to this training I would say I was anything but a natural at these kinds of skills.

In an emergency situation I would have said I was the type to freeze, or if not that bad, perhaps the person you would send to the phone for an ambulance.

Since attending Brenda’s course I really feel I could be of positive use in a first aid role, I feel confident in the skills we all learned and enjoyed all the practical exercises we tried. Then of course there is the personal boost of having learned new skills, skills which may well be crucial to somebody one day!

Brenda is a really good trainer, down to earth, and imparts information and gives confidence to participants with ease.”   

Liz Fletcher

Small Groups Project Co-ordinator



I attended the course last year and found Brenda’s approach very friendly and fun.  The information relating to the course was delivered in a clear and concise way.  It was particularly useful because much of my previous first aid training was out of date and quite a few things have changed recently.  Completing Brenda’s course proved to be more than beneficial when I recently suspected a colleague of having a mini stroke.  This was later confirmed by the hospital.

Alison Owen - LabelsPlus


I have really enjoyed the course.  I think it covered everything that could happen in the workplace and it’s made me feel very confident that I could help give first aid. 

 Claire Jackson - DJS Research Ltd

At first I thought there would be too much info to take in, but the way Brenda delivered the course and was always available to clarify any issues I had meant that I now feel very confident when it comes to the delivery of first aid.  Also her extensive knowledge was incredible!


Alex McCluckie - DJS Research Ltd